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From the Desk Of Richard Matthews


My name is Richard and I want to help you bring the joy back to podcasting.

Starting in late 2019, we started helping business development podcasters bring the joy back to podcasting.

Our clients know the power of having a multimedia show on all of the major social networks like iTunes and YouTube.

They know that it builds credibility, authority, and celebrity in their market place. They know it can drive sales to their business (doesn’t matter if it’s an online or offline business).

Only problem is that most of us who run a business outside of podcasting aren’t “professional” podcasters. We don’t have the 8-10 hours per episode it takes to pour into the post-production process of editing, writing, graphics, publication, announcement, and promotion.

So we take that all off of your plate and let you focus on what you do best.

You deliver your message, then hand the reigns to us. We’ll handle everything else so you can go back to doing what you do best in your business.

While still getting the benefits of having a weekly show growing and building your audience.

If you run a show like this and would like to get your time or your team’s time back to focus on your business, but you don’t want to give up the massive benefits of having a podcast in your space.... then I know we can help you.

Why Did We Build Push Button Podcasts?

We’ve been in your shoes! When we started our first podcast, it didn’t last long... and that was a problem. So we solved it...

Since 2015 I’ve been helping build online brands. For years my focus was on helping them create their online training programs (ie - online courses, group programs, masterminds, live events, etc), create their sales messages and mechanisms (webinars, sales videos, checkout funnels, etc), and help them to drive sales.

The “drive sales” part is where this story starts.

There are basically two ways to drive sales to your business. Those are to “Buy” access to an audience or to “Build” your audience. Then you put your offers in front of that audience.

I have always encouraged my clients to do both. Buy audience for fast start to sales and for scale. Build audience for steady sales that you control and as a way to keep up with people who were introduced to you via ads.

You build this audience with a multi-media podcast that is consistently published to all of the major social media platforms. It’s easy. The people who do it have the sales and lifestyle to prove it’s worth.

Only problem is even when given all of the recourses necessary to put out a show regularly. All technical hurdles covered... only about 25% of my clients ever made it past the first month of making their own regular podcast.

Why do so many people quit?

Well if you’ve run a podcast before, you probably already know why.

That’s when I started my own podcast.

So, in my ever growing quest to grow my business, I finally got around to starting my own podcast. Following all the same protocols I give to my clients about content types, show layout, editing, publishing, announcements... I followed my own advice.

Everything was great...

For Approximarly 8 Episodes... Then It All Fell Apart.

I was really really passionate about my podcast, The HERO Show. It has a message that I believe in deeply. Bonus points for it being a great tool to grow my business. 

But, after getting it started at the beginning of 2016 and getting my first 8 episode recorded and being really proud of that... I got into the real work of a podcast. 

The post-production. 

I had to take each recording and edit it. I had to do video and audio editing. I had to add in commercial. Add in the intros and outros. I had to produce the final versions for several platforms. 

Then I had to write up show notes. Get transcriptions done. Make up all of the social media share graphics. 

Then I had to actually publish. So I’d go to youtube and realize I hadn’t done any title research or tag research. And I had forgotten to make a thumbnail... so I’d have to go create that. 

Then I’d go through the same process over and over again on each place I published. 

And then again when I started making announcements on social media, email platforms, and more. 

All in... 10+ hours of work to publish 1 episode. 

I made it through 3 episodes of my 8 recorded ones before I gave up. 

My podcast rotted on the vine for several years. 

Until I Decided I Could Fix The Problem For Myself

Then one day I had a person in one of my masterminds call me out for not having people to help me in my business, specially not having people who helped me implement the amazing systems I had in place for my clients. 

Good Point. 

So I hired someone and I spent the better part of the next year working with them to document and implement the systems in my business. 

One of those systems was my podcasting system I was giving to my clients to do. I had them document that system and then start doing it in my business. 

In a little more than a year from that day, we recorded 100 episodes of The HERO Show. But more than that, we edited, created assets for, published, and promoted each and every episode. Without fail. 

The best part?

I didn’t do anything except show up for my interviews. 

That’s it. 

My team handled literally everything else. 

Letting me get back to what I really loved... spreading the message on my podcast and helping my clients in my business. 

That’s when PushButtonPodcasts was born. 

I had figured out what was stopping my clients from implementing the podcast system... it’s a lot of friggin’ work. 

Work that you should be putting into high level activities in your business. Not the grind and minutia of editing, publishing, and promotion of a podcast. 

Your podcast should be BUILDING your business, not draining it of precious resources.


Ready To Get Back To What You Love?

Now, PushButtonPodcasts is the premier Podcast automation systems in the world.

We have build custom technology and software and married that with real human talent on the backend to help podcasters just like you look, feel, and act like the professional “podcasters”, without having to dedicate your life to your podcast. 

You have business to attend to. Isn’t it time your podcast was contributing to it, not detracting from it? 

I want to help you build a huge audience of raving fans with a multi-media podcast.

I want you to have a line of people beating down the door to your business online or off.

I want you to be famous in your space, no matter what it is.

I want you to have all the benefits of a podcast, without all of the hassle.

If you want to have a podcast where you just show up, and record... then hand it off to a professional team to handle everything else, then you should apply to be our next client here. 

To Your Success,

Richard Matthews
Founder, pusbuttonprocess.fivefreedoms.io


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