The Problem With Learning To Build Business Systems

If you’ve ever been down this path in the past and decided to actually learn how the big businesses out there build and structure systems… you’ve probably run into major road-blocks.

There are two reasons for this.

1 – Is that business systems aren’t sexy or are proprietary and are therefore not really talked about in any public way that allows you as an outsider to study them.

2 – Is that the language of business systems is chaotic and therefore most businesses have chaotic systems that are difficult to define or document, making it difficult to glean useful information about how their systems might apply to your business.

This second reason is the road-block this course is meant to dismantle.

If I can help you bring order to the linguistic chaos that defines much of the discussion around business systems, then I can help you start to create order out of the chaotic systems that likely run your business right now.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you?

“You Need To Build Systems And Process In Your Business If You Want To Grow or Succeed”

Every Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, & Author Ever

This sentiment is one that I’ve seen and heard represented in the business world since I started getting into business at 13 years old. I’ve heard it on stage. I’ve read it in books. I’ve seen it taught in classes.

In fact, I scoured Google and DuckDuckGo for articles about building business systems just to see what I could find.

Let me read some of the most prominent headlines:

  • Supercharge your freelance biz with a solid system
  • 5 Core systems for your service based business
  • Why it’s important to start building processes & Systems in your business
  • 4 Business systems every solopreneur needs
  • 5 Tips for creating business systems and workflows that enable growth
  • How to create time saving systems for your business
  • Work smarter with systems and processes for your small business
  • How to setup systems to make your business thrive
  • How to organize your business: 3 steps to setup your systems
  • How to create business processes in 5 days

I read every single one of these articles from top to bottom.

Do you know what they each had in common?

None of them teach you HOW to actually build a system!

What you get instead is a series of platitudes that helps no one.

You’ll read things like:

  • You should have systems around X, Y, & Z
  • Systems are important for growth… don’t ignore them… you need them
  • You should document your systems… i.e. – spend a crap ton of time taking notes and meticulously writing out each step (then ignore it and never do it again because of the drudgery involved)
  • And the words “systems”, “processes”, & “workflows” are used interchangeably. There is no common language.

All of these things are true. You should have certain systems. Systems are important for growth. You should document your systems.

I can guess that you already believe all of the things above, or you wouldn’t be here in this course.

But none of the content out there will actually help you build a mental framework for understanding systems so you can design, build, document, implement and automate you own systems from scratch for any outcome in your business.

The reason most of the content you can find on business systems leaves you wanting is because the understanding of the language used to teach and describe it is wanting.

The dictionary definitions of those words are actually very accurate, but in practice they get used interchangeably. That introduces the confusion and keeps people from really understanding how these words relate to one another

Without that fundamental understating, it difficult to conceptualize systems in your business and build them effectively.

What if we fixed this language problem?

What if we built a common language platform for business systems that gave you a mental framework to aide in the understanding, designing, and building phases for said systems.

What if we could totally remove the mental struggle associated with the the chaotic way in which business systems are described today? Would that give you a useful way to think about those systems?

Would fixing the language problem help you actually build systems for your business?

In a word… yes. 

You see, words help us organize our thoughts. So that’s where we will start… with the words of business systems.

Why don’t you join me in the next lesson where we will break down these four words and show you how they interact with one another.