Why You Want Push Button Systems In Your Business

It’s a simple question, but very important if you actually plan on doing the work necessary to both learn how to build these type of systems and then how to implement and use them.

It’s not an easy skill to learn. In fact, in some aspects it’ll be quite difficult, but it’s such a valuable skill that it’s worth the trouble.

I find that having solid reasons why I might want to take the time to learn a difficult skill, helps me to overcome any resistance I have towards learning it.

So with that in mind, let us take a walk down imagination lane and look at how the leverage of Push Button Systems just might impact your life and your business.

Imaging If You Could Work For One Hour & Get 10+ Hours Back

What would that be like? To put in just one hour of work each day and to get ten or more hours of work product back for your efforts.

It’d be almost like magic.

It’s the same type of leverage that happens when you push the gas pedal on your car. You put in a tiny amount of effort to push the pedal and steer the wheel and systems in the car go to work leveraging that effort into the speed and efficiency of modern day travel.

The same idea is possible in your business. When you build systems that require zero or very little input from you, then others can go create the work product required to realize revenue.

The secret to building systems with this type of leverage is to front load the decision making and input those decisions into the system at the beginning of your workflows.

We will talk more about how you do this in future module, but for now… just imagine what it would be like to work for 1 hour and get 10 hours of work back for your efforts.

Next Let’s Imagine If You Could Quadruple Your Revenue Without Increasing Your Resource Output

How would your business change if you could easily quadruple the number of clients you could serve or the products you could sell each month without increasing the size of your team, your marketing budget, or any other limited resource in your business?

This is entirely possible when you remove all the waste in your processes.

Like a olympic swimmer shaving all of his hair before a big race or a media buyer adding negative keywords, restricting match types, and utilizing ‘time of day’ restrictions; you can remove all of unnecessary pieces from your processes and automate anything that doesn’t require a human’s unique creative touch.

A button click removed here, a video upload automated there, a report ran every Tuesday without anyone’s interaction, and a million other tiny little wins in efficiency all stack together to dramatically decrease the resource costs of every output in your business.

This is what will allow you to serve more clients or sell more products in your business without increasing the resource allocation to do so.

This is so powerful that you can use it as leverage to edge out competitors who can’t keep up with you because of your gains in efficiency. They will either have to spend more marketing dollars or hire more in labor costs to achieve what you do with a much smaller resource pool.

This is how you can become unbeatable.

Now, Let’s Imagine If You Could Scale Your business to Your Hearts Content – Easily Hiring & Spinning Up New Staff Whenever You Need

Gains in efficiency will only take you so far up the ladder of growth. Sometimes you really do need to add more resources to your business and often the most difficult resource to grow is your talent pool.

The reason usually isn’t because talent is hard to find, but because you have to stop or divert growth resources to the task of spinning up and training new staff on your systems, if they exist, or merge them into your chaos, if they don’t.

It’s stressful and can kill the growth of you company if you don’t do it well.

Luckily, it isn’t difficult to do well.

Just imagine the serenity that would come from knowing that you could hire new staff to scale at anytime and you wouldn’t even need to slow down to train them.

All you need is systems that are designed not only to scale well, but also designed to train your staff, no matter their level of experience with the assigned tasks.

This is possible when you setup your project management and documentation tools to work in concert with one another in a seamless manner.

You can build your workflows and process in such a way that very act of assigning a step in a process is capable of training the assignee how to accomplish the steps… and the training will be unobtrusive to more advanced members of your team who no longer need it.

Giving you the ability to grow and scale to your hearts content and not worry about breaking down. To know that you can take on that new client or make that big media buy and your systems will be able to keep up with your businesses growth. Nothing is worse than having your business stall because it’s systems weren’t prepared for growth.

Building Push Button Business Systems will make sure you are ahead of any growth curve you create for your business.

Last, let’s imagine if you were no longer tied  to your business and you could take time off and come back to a business that’s bigger than when you left

If you’ve ever read Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant, you will be familiar with the differences between an “S” Quadrant business and a “B” Quadrant business.

A “S” business is a “Self-Employed” business. One where you are in charge and you do either most of the work or the most important work of the business.

A “B” business is a “Big” Business. One where systems are in charge and people or robots do most of the work and the most important work of the business. Leaving the business owner to high level tasks like vision, growth, team building, or systems creation.

One of my own personal goals in my business as I continue to grow and make the transition from an “S” business to a “B” business is to continually expand the amount of time I can spend away from my business and come back to a business that is either still running as it should or even grown without my input.

Currently, I can take about a week off at anytime and everything will continue running smoothly without me. My systems will just keep working.

My goal is to stretch that to two weeks, then a month, then 3 months, and so on. I need a lot more systems built in my business to make that happen. Systems for hiring people, systems for brining in new clients, and payroll management systems, et cetera.

Those are just a few of mine, most of my actual work product systems are done and working splendidly, so if I wanted to leave for a few days, I could, and none of my clients would even notice I was gone. But, I’m not yet to where my business would grow without me.

That’s coming for me as I continue to build out systems in my business to take over more and more of the work that I do personally or hire outside teams to do.

That ability can become a reality for you as well as you start to build Push Button Business Systems for yourself. You will be able to reclaim more and more of your time from your business and put it into pursiuts that you are really interested in outside of work.

For me it’s traveling with my family, raising my kids, and learning new skills for adventuring.

What would you do with the time you reclaim from your business?

Take some time and walk down your own imagination lane and come up with some ideas about how your life would change if your could put in 1 hour of work and get 10 hours back, or if your business was incredibly efficient, or if you could scale to your hearts content, or if you could take time off and come back to a business that’s running smoothly or even growing.

Write these things down. Put them some where you can read them. They will be the motivation you need to actually put in the work to build these systems in your business.

4 Hours A Day?

Before we finish up this lesson, I have one simple story to share from my life that might help motivate you.

I’m writing this lesson in the back bedroom of my 40ft RV.

My wife and I have been traveling full-time for almost 4 years at the time of this writing. We have 4 kids and we’ve been all around the US.

My average work day is 4 hours long and my average work week is only 4 days.

So I work on my business about 16 hours a week. The rest of the time is spent with my kids, traveling, adventuring, learning new skills, and coming up with new ways to bring my value to the world.

My business has grown 3-4x in the last 4 years and all of it is due to learning how to build Push Button Business Systems for myself and hiring the team members that make the work we do possible.

You can have the same thing in your life and in your business if you want it.

If that’s you, then let’s go ahead and dive into the real meat of this course and start talking about “Understanding Systems”, where I give you a great language foundation that will help you be able to design, document, implement, and automate your own systems and grow your own Push Button Business.